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Everyone dreams of having a hallway that has the wow factor.

Welcome to another ‘Create the look with Leila’! This week we are focusing on creating this beautiful, modern yet classic home hallway/entrance. Everyone dreams of having a hallway that has the wow factor. Often people think that if they have a small hallway, they can’t achieve the wow factor, but that is not the case! You can easily design and style the perfect hallway if you put your mind to it.

Starting with the colour scheme. I would recommend using predominantly light colours for your hallway. Try using neutrals such as creams or light greys. This will make your hallway look wider and brighter than it is, if you are keen to give that impression.

A great way of enriching the style and decor of your hallway is adding photo frames or artwork. To achieve this exact hallway design, Leila Home offers a selection of unique prints with the subject matter being antique ornaments. We have two sets of Antique Urn Prints by Giovanni Battista; the Set of 4 and the Set of 2. Opt for both sets (equating to six prints in total) if you wish to directly recreate this design, or choose either or if you have limited wall space. Our Set of 2 Diversion prints would equally look amazing in a hallway if you’re after more of a modern, geometric style.

Mirrors also work great in hallway spaces. They create the illusion of both space and light whilst providing an eye catching design element. Our Navour Mirror would make the perfect dazzling focal point in any hallway it might find itself in!

My favourite part of this hallway design has to be the architectural inspired console table. I just love how it’s such a statement piece and how it has been styled using beautiful vases and flowers. Our contemporary Carlisle XL Console, crafted from stainless steel, will allow you to create this design. We also offer a smaller side table which you might like; our Carlisle Side Table. Both of these designs are characterised by angular shapes and are perfect for ornamentation and decoration. The stools in the design complement the console table. Pair one or two of our Okura Stools with our Carlisle XL Console. I love the metallic cross legged base of the stools.

When it comes to styling and decorating your hallway console, it is best to keep it simple by highlighting just one or two decorative pieces, such as a vase of flowers or a sculpture. Keeping with the advised neutral colour scheme, our White Garden Rose Arrangement in Glass Vase would be the perfect statement decorative piece. A timeless romantic classic! This particular hallway design features two glass vases which appear to be filled with apples. I love this idea as not only does it promote healthy eating but it adds a pop of colour! Opt for two of our Harcourt Large Vases to recreate this look. You could even introduce a statement candle holder such as our Datcha Hurricane. Perfect way to add classic style and elegance into your hallway space.

You can place an order on any of our products by clicking any of the images below, or select ‘Shop’ in our menu. If you need any help or guidance then contact us and we will be happy to assist.

I once have hope I have inspired you to bring our your interior designer and create a hallway that you love! Please share your results with us on instagram using our tag

Please return next week for another Create the look with Leila.