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Tropical, refreshing, botanical!

Another Create the Look with Leila blog, this week a gorgeous, refreshing, al fresco, outdoor space! A lot of our holiday plans being cancelled means Summer this year will be a little different. It looks like most of us will be spending it in our gardens… So now would be the perfect time to create a refreshing, outdoor space to spend your Summer 2020 in. 

We might not all be fortunate enough to have a pool in our back garden, but that doesn’t matter one bit. There are so many things you can do and endless products to choose from that will truly transform your outdoor space and make you fall in love with it. You won’t even wish you were away!

Seating is key when it comes to outdoor spaces. A good outdoor space is like a living room. If there’s no where to sit, there’s simply nowhere to relax! Our Sofa Vista Grande sofa means ultimate comfortable seating! You would catch me lying on this all day long if it was in my garden! 

Sofa’s however aren’t for everyone when it comes to outdoor spaces. Chairs might be a better option for some, depending on preference and the space that’s being dealt with. Another seating option I would recommend is our Lodge Dining Chair. This is a clean, simple design yet is bound to stand out amongst any decor scheme. Two or three of these also might be a better option if you have a smaller outdoor space. 

An easy way to add depth into a space is to accessorise seating with cushions. To achieve this tropical, botanical feel, Leila Home has a bunch of options. From our plain green Roche Pillow, to our Eel Velvet Cushion, to our Glasshouse Celadon Cushion. You could just go for one style of cushion if you prefer consistency, but sometimes clashing of patterns really work. So for maximum styling points, opt for all three!

Some form of table is also great for outdoor spaces, to complement your seating and to have somewhere to place your beverages and snacks when you’re in relaxation mode! To achieve this ultimate relaxing al fresco space, opt for our Typhoon Dining Table. This beautiful piece of furniture will immediately elevate the ambience of your space. For a cheaper alternative, there is our Black Metal and Solid Oak Coffee Table. I am obsessed with this design; the wooden material, the clean lines, the low height, what’s not to love? 

Evidently the space in this design has ceilings to hang lighting from. If you have this, our Bamboo Pendant is the perfect choice. It casts decorative light patterns and fits the tropical theme like a dream. However I appreciate not everyone’s outdoor space will allow for ceiling lighting, and therefore a table lamp would be the next best option. Our Rope Table Lamp is another lighting design that will fit this particular theme perfectly! Although go for both lighting styles if your space allows you to!

Now for the final touches. I’m sure your outdoor space already features real plants and greenery, but there’s always room for more! Our Faux Bamboo Tree consists of realistic botanical reproductions known for their simplicity of style, and will be a great final touch to your outdoor space. I love wall art because I truly believe they have the ability to transform spaces. Leila Home offers this beautiful flower painting; ‘Beyond Today Peonies’ by the artist Nancy Medina. This piece of art will tie everything in this design together due to its exotic colour palette, making it another great final touch. 

I hope this blog has inspired you to create a refreshing, tropical-themed outdoor space for you to fall in love with this Summer. Please share your results with us on Instagram using our tag

Please return next week for another Create the Look with Leila.