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Everything that is in this design makes a solid statement.

I am starting this month off with another Create the Look with Leila blog! This week I am here to inspire you to create this unique, gorgeous, dining room space. What I love about this design is that it is so simple but effective. There aren’t actually that many elements within the design, but everything that is in the design makes a solid statement. Continue reading if you want to recreate this design for your own home!

Starting with the flooring, this design features both a hard, wooden floor as well as a grey, textured rug. Our Carpet Crown will give you the same texture and aesthetic as the rug in this design. You can choose to have it as a rug on top of your existing floor, or alternatively fill your whole floor as a carpet for a cosier atmosphere. 

Then moving onto the wall art. It is the work of London based painter Amy Judd, entitled ‘Glow of The Crescent Moon’. So delicate, mysterious and feminine, I’m obsessed! We offer this framed print at I believe this art truly transforms the space. Top tip for choosing art: choose the art you wish to incorporate into your interior space early on in the design process as opposed to at the end as the final touch. That way you can base your colour scheme and style of the space perfectly off the art, ensuring the entirety of the room works together as a whole. 

The key part to any dining room is, of course, the dining table. Our Concrete Top Dining Table offers elegance and versatility. The white concrete surface matches the soft, white feathers in the art work, tying the space together perfectly. Accessorise your dining table table with a small vase of flowers, such as our Hydrangea, Rose and Sedum Arrangement in Glass Vase. An easy way to add a little life into a space. Pair the dining table with four of our stylish, eye-catching Kinley Dining Chairs. The pink velvet upholstery is just to die for. Embrace the femininity!

The lighting has to be my favourite part of the design. I love that it’s a main focal point and I love the way it hovers effortlessly over the round dining table. To create this look, opt for our Aurelia Cluster Pendant that features high shine electro plated glass shades in bronze and copper. 

It is quite common for dining rooms to be underused. If you have the space, I recommend introducing a comfortable sofa into your dining space. This will encourage more use and appreciation of the room. Our Sofa Vista Grande sofa is the perfect combination of modern design and optimum seating comfort, and would fit this dining room theme perfectly. Its neutral colour allows you to use bold cushions of colours complementary to the rest of the space. Our Theravada Cushion, our Mirage Cushion and our Pardus Cushion in orange are perfect options. 

Once again, I hope I have provided you with the confidence and inspiration to create this gorgeous dining room space, even if it is a few features. Please do not hesitate to share your results with me, I would love to see!

Please return next week for another Create the Look with Leila.