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The living room is arguably the most important room in any household.

Hello and welcome to the second ‘Create the look’ with me, Leila! Last week’s blog focused on creating a gorgeous bedroom, but this week we are turning our attention to this Greek themed living room. The living room is arguably the most important room in any household. After all, it is the space where guests are often entertained and where families spend the bulk of their time together. Loving your living room decor is important, and I am here to inspire you! All items have been detailed below so you can recreate this luxurious look yourself!

The walls is often a good place to start. Evidently this design features predominantly glass walls and windows. This is lovely as it allows natural light to fill the room. If you can achieve this, go for it! Alternatively, paint the walls neutral with a cream or a light grey. This will still ensure the room to feel bright and fresh.

I love the rug in this living room design. Top tip: when it comes to rugs, try to avoid the ‘floating rug’ look, which is when you have a small rug in the centre of a room, not touching any furniture. If you have the space, opt for a large rug, like this large, brown one, and aim to sit as many of your furniture pieces on top of the rug, even if it is just one leg of a foot stool.

The sofa is a very significant part to a living room. Our Denver Left Corner Sofa in the colour Ink offers a contemporary yet comfortable design. With pocket-sprung seat cushions and feather-filled back cushions, the minute you sit down on this sofa you will be in relaxation heaven! I love the dark tone of the sofa because it definitely creates a statement, however if you would prefer a lighter toned sofa, then opt for our Harper 3 Seater Sofa, which also offers refined relaxation and a truly debonair design.

Accessorising your sofa with complimentary cushions is also key. To achieve a design like this, I recommend our Midnight Ruffle Cushion, our Round Velvet Ruffle Cushion and our Bowline Cushion. All of these cushions vary in materials and aesthetics, but on any sofa they are the perfect combination!

Round, glass top coffee tables is a trend you need to get on board. Try our Ebony Round Coffee Table. It is an exquisite contemporary design that features a round ebony glass top and double panelled, gold-plated lower shelf. Accessorise with small ornaments and books.

Lighting is very important when it comes to living room spaces. I love the main lighting in this design. Our Neptune Pendant Lamp offers a similar aesthetic and offers a great focal point. The table lamp is also gorgeous, like our Champagne Glass Table Lamp which is an elegant take on industrial style. Top tip: warm toned lighting in a living room is the way forward as it creates a cosy, relaxing ambience.

Final touches might include art. This living room design features figurative art pieces of Greek culture that I believe truly transform the space. Leila Home offers a similar Greek Statue painting which would look great centred on your main wall. As well as a piece of wall art, why not opt for a statement sculpture like our Gymno Ancient Greek Torso Sculpture; an excellent way of adding an extra dimension into your living room space.

You can place an order on any of our products by clicking any of the images below, or select ‘Shop’ in our menu. If you need any help or guidance then contact us and we will be happy to assist.

I truly hope I have inspired you to create this beautiful bedroom. I would love to see your results so please do not hesitate to share your results with us on Instagram using the tag

Please return next week for another Create the look with Leila.