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Leila Loves…

To celebrate the recent launch of Leila Home, I wanted to pick out and show you my favourite Leila Home products for this month. Here is a list of my Top 10!

1. Crystal Bands Pendant Light

At the top of my list has to be the Crystal Bands Pendant Light. I love a bit of Art Deco glamour! I often like the lighting in my interior designs to be the focal point and this would certainly achieve that!

Crystal Pendant Light

2. 3 Seater Wooden Bench

Garden benches are a must for this time of year; a great incentive to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Our 3 Seater Wooden Bench is ideal for that and that’s why it’s one of my favourites for this month!

3 Seater Wooden Bench

3. Chrome Bar Chair

I love breakfast bars. And I love choosing the right bar chairs to complement! Just obsessed with our Chrome Bar Chair that offers modernity, comfort and longevity. Two or three of these at a breakfast bar, amazing!

Chrome Bar Chair

4. Silver Dining Chair

Next is our Silver Dining Chair. I couldn’t pick the Chrome Bar Chair for a top pick and not the dining chair to match! Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your dining room space. 

Silver Dining Chair

5. Studded Teal Dining Chair

Another dining chair that I have loved this month is our Studded Teal Dining Chair. The pop of colour that this would provide to a dining room would be to die for!

Studded Teal Dining Chair

6. Rogan Green Metal Framed Chair

Whilst I’m on the theme of chairs, I have to mention our Rogan Green Metal Framed Chair. Love the button-tufted seating and the angular metal frames. Not to mention the beautiful green velvet!

Rogan Green Metal Framed Chair

7. Faux Cow Hide Armchair

How could this chair not be in my Top 10… Our Faux Cow Hide Armchair. The animal print trend sees no sign of reaching saturation any time soon, so go big and bring the trend into your home!

Faux Cow Hide Armchair

8. Faux Shagreen Console Table

Do you love console tables as much as I do? I love their versatility. If you ever think ‘there’s something missing’, the answer might well be a console table. Our Faux Shagreen Console Table will immediately transform any space it finds itself in!

Faux Shagreen Console Table

9. Oval Console Table

Another console table worthy of being in my Top Picks list is our Oval Console Table. This design is a little different, featuring an oval surface top and unique tree root-like legs. And that’s why I love it!

Oval Console Table

10. Silver Ball Pendant Light

And to finish the way we started with another gorgeous pendant light. I am loving our Silver Ball Pendant Light. The perfect way to add a touch of classical grandeur to your interior. What’s not to love?!

Silver Ball Pendant Light

So that brings us to the end of my first ‘Leila’s Top Picks’ blog! I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about my favourite products for this month and have a wonderful day! See you next week for another blog. 

Love Leila x