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You can create an outdoor space to love in the Autumn and Winter months!


Hello everyone! Welcome back to another Create the Look with me, Leila! I really cannot believe I am saying this and I really don’t like it, but the reality is that Summer is slowly coming to an end. We’ve all undoubtedly been spending a lot of time in our gardens. But who’s to say that we can’t enjoy being in our outdoor spaces when it gets a little colder? Outdoor heaters, firepits, blankets? You can create an outdoor space that you can love in the Autumn and Winter months! I have chosen this design to focus on the blog this week because I thought it had the perfect cosy, atmospheric vibe for this time of year.

This outdoor space is evidently a very monochromatic design. Starting with the flooring. Outdoor rugs are perfect for transforming your space. Whether its tiled or wooden flooring, our Pretoria Outdoor Rug will set a comfortable and monochromatic tone for the rest of your space. I love the graphic look of this design and it will look so chic in your outdoor space!

Like I always say, flooring and walls are the most sensible places to start when it comes to redesigning or decorating a space. The design above features wall lighting that run across the back wall, creating a lovely ambience. Understandably, you might not have any walls in your outdoor space to decorate. If you do however have space to add wall lighting, even it is a plain wooden fence, I would definitely recommend our Ortega Wall Light that has a gorgeously matt finish. Whether it’s two or five of our wall lights, they will truly transform the atmosphere of your al fresco space. 

The design above features a dark, comfortable sofa which fits the cosy, monochromatic theme perfectly. Our Cube Corner Seating With Ottoman is the ideal choice to create this look. It’s all year round weather proof and I love that it can be configured by using the middle seat independently or by placing it between the sofa’s. Decorate your sofa accordingly with cushions and throws that you love, including our Fringed Cotton Throw !

I love the variety of seating in this design. From the dark black sofa to the wooden armchair, there are so many seating options. Leila Home can offer you many seating designs to choose from. Our Rattan Chair and our Rattan Hanging Chair are two seating designs that will fit this interior design perfectly. Again, it’s up to you how you accessorise but I would recommend a fur throw. For example, our Grey Wolf Faux Fur Throw. These are so luxurious and comfortable, whilst making a gorgeous decorative feature. 

 A garden is not complete without a selection of flowers, plants and planters. This design features bits of greenery. Leila Home offers a bunch of planters and baskets, perfect for suiting this design. There is our Brooklyn Planters as well as our Two Tier Living Plant Box. I love the way these two compliment each other whilst being very different in shape and design. For a contrasting affect, also opt for our Set of 2 Natural Baskets. Made from sea-grass, they will match our Rattan Chair like a dream. 

Last but not least, another piece of lighting. The design above features a low coffee table with a couple of lanterns situated on top. Opt for our Black Lantern to achieve the same look. These make gorgeous accessories whilst providing ambiotic lighting, tying in perfectly with our Ortega Wall Lights. 

Thank you for reading this week’s Create the Look with Leila blog. I hope I have inspired you to create an outdoor/garden space that you can love in the colder months just as much as you would in the warmer ones!

See you the same time next week for another blog!

Love Leila x