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A great mix of modern and traditional interior design.

Another week, another Create the Look with me, Leila! This week’s focus is this gorgeous, spacious hallway design, which taps into a traditional yet modern interior design style. With dark wooden features and clean crisp lines, there is a great mix of modern and traditional elements in this design, and Leila Home has a bunch of products to satisfy this interior design for you to introduce into your own hallway. Keep reading for inspiration! 

As always, starting with the walls and flooring is the most logical before bringing in any furniture into the space, especially when it comes to hallways that may not be particularly wide! This design features identical panelling along all three perpendicular walls. I have mentioned panelling in one of my previous blogs and how I think it is a great interior design concept. Panelling is known for making smaller spaces feel larger, thus making it a great feature for a hallway which might be narrow and limited to space. Plus, it makes an easy, decorative feature. 

When it comes to your hallway flooring, it ideally needs to be low maintenance whilst being stylish at the same time, due to the amount of dirty shoes that are constantly walking on it! I recommend hard flooring, such as wood or tiling, because they are often the most long-lasting and easy to clean. Hard flooring then allows you to add depth and warmth into your entrance room by introducing a rug. Our Eaton Rug in Taupe makes the perfect hallway rug; love the repeated geometric pattern! 

Hallways and entrance rooms don’t require many large pieces of furniture. The only significant piece of furniture that you’ll need is a console table. Our Walford Console Table makes a great similar alternative to the beautiful console in the design above. It offers a great mix of modern and traditional, consisting of a waxed, black finish, ornament base, and a white, modern, marble table top. This console is sure to make a statement in your hallway. 

Placing large mirrors above console tables in hallways is very common, like in this design, and I don’t struggle to understand why. They are simply a great way to create the illusion of a brighter and larger space, whilst providing an eye-catching design element. Not to mention a hallway is a great location to have a mirror for the sole purpose of being able to check yourself out before you leave the house! Our Cesario Mirror fits perfectly in this interior design scheme; notably being of a Mid-Century Modern aesthetic. 

Hallways are often fortunate with the amount of daylight they have coming in due to them being situated next to the door and maybe a small window. In the design above, there appears to be limited light, therefore two wall lights have been used as a form of artificial lighting. If you require or desire this aesthetic, our Larissa Wall Light is the perfect option. 

Getting the styling right is key with hallways. As aforementioned, there is limited furniture needed in hallways, and so really it comes down to what accessories and decorative features you bring into the space. I am obsessed with the cheetah sculpture in this design and the way it stands out so boldly. Leila Home offers a Cheetah Sculpture for you to achieve the same look. The plants in this design are also another great focal point. Even if you just have space for one in a corner, our Kentia Palm will inevitably bring life into your hallway space. For extra styling points, place your plants into our elegant, antique Ceramic Planter. 

Two other products that I recommend for this interior design is our Supperclab Vase which features a square shape covered in a silver glaze, and also our Silver Ceramic Vase which consists of a bold sphere shape with a rustic silver finish. Products like these make the perfect console accessories.

That brings us to the end of yet another Create the Look blog with Leila! People often underestimate the power of hallways and how they truly set the tone for how, not only you but, your guests feel when coming into your home. Use this blog to inspire the redesigning of your hallway! See you the same time next week for another Create the Look with Leila!

Love Leila x