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Luxurious, extrovert dining room space.


I am back again with another blog to inspire you to create a look for your home, this week is this luxurious, extrovert dining room space. I mentioned on my Leila Home Instagram page at the beginning of the week that this dining space is my ultimate dream. What’s not to love?! If you love this space as much as I do, and would love even just one element of this design in your home, then keep reading!

As I always recommend, start with your walls and flooring. This makes even more sense considering the main feature of this design is the wallpaper! Wallpaper has never gone out of style. I love wallpaper as its an easy and effective way of personalising a room. Our Gold Leaf Wallpaper will allow you to create this atmosphere for your own dining space.

The next most significant element of this gorgeous design is the lighting. I am just obsessed with the cluster of gold pendant lights that hover elegantly over the dining table. Our Globe Pendant Shade in Copper is the perfect option for you to achieve this same look. You may only desire one or two of these lights, but for maximum affect, opt for 5 or 6 and be creative by hanging them at different levels. 

Undeniably, the most important feature of any dining room is the dining table. The design above has many statement elements including the wall paper and the lighting, therefore the choice of dining table is relatively subtle and understated. Our Tremont Dining Table consists of a charcoal oak veneer table top and 4 diagonally placed legs. This design is urban and modern, and its dark colour allows for the other parts in your interior space to stand out. 

Next, dining chairs. There are so many styles of dining chairs to choose from and really it comes down to personal choice. To achieve the design above, our Lilly Chair and Volante Dining Chair make great options. Most people will have 4 of the same chairs. But why not be different and have 2 different styles/colours in the same room? I think the contrast between the blue and the white is great.

The design above features a large TV on the wall. A TV in a dining room isn’t everyone’s preference, but I think they make a great addition. If you decide a TV is for you, I recommend introducing a console underneath it. This defuses the “black box effect” and helps draw some attention away from the TV that might be standing out a little too much. Our Soho Console Table will make a great addition into this style dining space. I love how its sleek gold base will complement the gold pendant lighting. 

Finally, a cabinet. If you have the space, cabinets are great in dining spaces. If your house is like mine, you’ll have so many bits and bobs and feel like there’s not enough space to store everything. Cabinets make a great decorative element whilst providing functionality for you to store all the random bits and pieces that you otherwise don’t know where to store. Our Beckham Cabinet is luxurious and stylish, and even better matches our Soho Console Table!

Once again that brings us to the end of another Create the Look with Leila. I hope you have enjoyed this blog and I have inspired you to create this look! Tag us in any of your designs with our tag See you again next week!

Love Leila x