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How to achieve a luxurious entertainment space in your home!

This week we are looking at how to achieve this romantic living room using products provided right here at Leila Home. It’s safe to say that the the living room is actually the most lived in room in anyones home. So, why wouldn’t you want to make it a showstopper?

In the inspiration image above the large windows provide a beautiful view as well as being dressed with sleek and smart blackout curtains for when you want to create a cosy atmosphere with family or friends. 

The seating area in a living room is vital for conversations, entertainment and most importantly comfort. Our Candice Sofa provides exactly that. Designed in plush grey velvet, this can be a beautiful centre piece in your living room accessorised with plush cushions or even a throw. Some of our soft furnishings that I would suggest would be a pair of Grey Fracture Cushion’s alongside of two of the Moonstruck Cushion’s these furnishings would work really well with light grey or champagne curtains. 

When creating a calming ambience, lighting is vital. Obviously, we must take advantage of natural lighting which in this photo there are two large windows but not all homes have this. If it is limited, using a mirror to reflect the natural light can be an option, we have a selection of mirrors on our website but it all depends on the space you have. My favourite is the Ecliptic Wall Mirror. To create soft lighting like in this image you could use our Robbins Table Lamp but like i said, it’s all about the space you have and if you do not have enough space for side tables you may prefer having dimmable wall lights and have complete control of cosiness, why not check out the Avondale Wall Lamp 

To finalise lets talk tables. For side tables I would suggest using two of The Cocktail Side Table this will tie in lovely with the Candice sofa and adds a contemporary and sleek style to the room. The Ebony round Coffee Table is perfect to draw each and every element of the room into the centre for example the bronze finishes in the lamps and the black marble from the side tables.