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The focus for this week; minimal, modern and edgy living room space.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Create the Look with me, Leila. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them! So this week’s focus is this minimal, edgy living room space. At first glance, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there really are so many gorgeous, individual elements that just work together as a whole in the same space, and I encourage you to trust me and just go for it! 

Starting off with the sofa, as no living room is quite complete without one! Our Candice Sofa is perfect for creating this look. It is designed in a beautiful Savona grey velvet upholstery, with sloping armrests and two square back cushions for ultimate comfort. If you have the space, introduce three of these sofas into your living room to create a central U arrangement surrounding coffee tables in the middle. U shaped sofas/sofa arrangements are perfect for creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere; an ideal feel for a living room space. Alternatively opt for one if you are limited to space, it is still just as effective and will provide the same comfort. 

Moving onto cushions, our Dark Hide Cushions are perfect for accessorising this style sofa. It’s up to you how many you choose, but I recommend three. You can’t go wrong with the Rule of  Three! It can be instinctive to go for lighter cushions when accessorising dark coloured seating, and people can often be afraid of using dark colours. But sometimes dark works better for adding drama and a luxury feel, you just have to be brave!

I love the coffee tables in this design, they make great focal points and are a genuine piece of art! The coffee table comprises a wavy, structural base in one piece and a triangular glass top with rounded corners. Leila Home offers this exact design for you to create this look; our Aventura Coffee Table. 

The way you style your coffee table is completely up to you, but it is worth noting that the way you style it can easily change the overall look and feel of the room, so be mindful of the type of objects you introduce into your space for decor. Two or three of our Tall Glass Vase with Brass Ring vases would make a great feature. You can even place small candles inside to create a relaxing ambience if you wish. An easy yet effective styling option is books. These are often great for guest entertainment as well as conversation starters. Not to mention they offer a flat top surface to place other small ornaments or sculptures on top of if you fancy extra decoration. 

Another dramatic focal point in this design is the ceiling lighting. There is so much that I love about the lighting; their circular structure, the way they hover dramatically over the coffee tables and the creative angle that they have been placed at for maximum effect. Our Bernardi Ceiling Lamp will allow you to create the same aesthetic. It features a certified Art Deco Feel with a drum-shaped shade and glittering glass rods and will be sure to illuminate your living room space. 

Like in the bedroom, it is good to have alternative, softer lighting for when you wish to relax such as in the evening sitting in front of the TV. Leila home offers two lamps of similar styles that almost match the table lamps in the design above. Our Boulevard Table Lamp that features a neutral linen shade and our Solana Table Lamp which has a grey velvet lampshade and a gold inner that creates a warm lighting effect. Either of these designs would work great in this interior design, especially placed on a complementary side table such as our Cocktail Side Table. 

The above living room design features greenery; a large faux tree to the left which unfortunately you can’t see much of, and an arrangement of faux flowers in a glass jar on one of the side tables. Leila Home’s Hydrangea & Sedum Arrangement in Ceramic Urn is a fresh and vibrant arrangement of faux flowers in a dark grey ceramic urn. This product will add that pop of green into your living room. 

Last but not least, the convex mirror. All mirrors can affectively create light, texture and space and can provide beautiful decorative features. Convex mirrors are particularly great for all of those things. The curved surface of a convex mirror reflects light outwards; evidently like in the design above. Our Convex Antique Mirror will do the same, whilst being a timeless and captivatingly classic design. 

Once again I hope I have given you inspiration to create at least one element of this design using our products from Leila Home. Please share any results with us!

I look forward to seeing you again next week for another Create the Look with Leila.

Leila x