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Beautiful, enchanted bedroom design for you to create in your own home!


The first ever Create the Look with Leila blog post was about a gorgeous, bedroom design, which was at the beginning of June. Since it has been over a month since I focussed my attention on a bedroom design, I thought it was right to write this week’s Create the Look blog on another bedroom design for you to create in your own home!

As mentioned in many of my previous blogs, it is logical to start with the flooring and the walls before you start styling and bringing furniture and products into the space. I am such a fan of panelling when it comes to interior design. I understand this may not be a desire or even possible for some, but panelling has so many benefits. It can make a large room feel cosier, a small room feel larger and after all it is simply a transformative, decorative feature. I love the panelling variation in this design as it allows for the central wall art to be appropriately placed, whilst the thinner panels beside help frame and accentuate the art. If panelling is not an option for you, alternatively paint your walls a light grey or cream. 

With regards to flooring, it doesn’t matter too much what flooring you have, as long as it is neutral. This will allow everything within the room to stand out. Regardless of the floor type you have, a rug is what will transform your bedroom space. Our Rustic Textures Rug in Grey is the perfect rug for any bedroom due to its neutral colour, its comfortable material and its size. 

A top interior design tip that I have previously shared with you, is choosing the art work that you wish to feature in your design first, thus allowing you to base the style and colour scheme of the rest of the room on that particular piece of art. That has evidently been done with this design. The gorgeous, landscape art featuring a muted colour palette will have influenced the rest of the design, from colours and materials, to product arrangement. Our Blue And Gold Iron Wall Disc offers the same shape, colour palette and aesthetic, and will allow you to keep to the same theme as the design above. 

A bedroom is obviously not a bedroom without a bed. If you are after that statement, glamour factor for your bedroom, our Super King Extended Leather Headboard Bed is the one for you. The upholstery of this headboard design creates an opulent feel, perfect for this particular interior scheme. Accessorising your bed with complementary cushions and throws is a great way to add depth into your space. Our Navy Ombre Cushion will allow for a subtle pop of colour, and our Soft Grey Faux Fur Throw will immediately add warmth and decoration. 

Another statement feature in this design that I love is the ceiling light. I love its enchanted feel and the way it resembles the branches of a tree. Leila Home offers a very similar sculptural design for you to create such a look; our Tiered Droplet Chandelier. It features similar brass branches as well as dripping teardrop shapes, and will create a luxurious ambience for your bedroom. Another piece of lighting that will satisfy the same aesthetic is our Round Gold Leaf Chandelier, which combines a round metal frame beautifully finished with copper leaf. 

I personally believe lamps are key when it comes to bedrooms because it encourages a relaxing atmosphere when appropriate. For example, I love to read a book before I go to sleep at night under a dim table lamp as it makes me feel calm and restful. In most bedrooms, it works well to have one table lamp either side of the bed, often resting upon complementary side tables. Two of our Florence Side Tables, supporting two of our Riley Table Lamps, will add grandeur into your bedroom space, whilst accompanying the rest of the design. Finally, I would also recommend introducing a a floor lamp if you wish. Our Cypres Floor Lamp is a great option. They are great at creating a mirage of heightened space that opens up the room. 

Once again I hope I have inspired you to create this beautiful bedroom. Please do not hesitate to share anything you create by tagging; we would love to see!

Please return next week for another Create the Look with Leila!