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New Create the Look blog on a cosy, double bedroom design.

Another week, another Create the Look with Leila!  We are now in the month of September which to me seems crazy! I have never known a year to go so slow but so quick at the same time… Anyway, what better way to start the first Autumn month with a Create the Look blog of a cosy, double bedroom design. Keep reading for inspiration!

As always, a bedroom simply isn’t a bedroom without the bed itself. In this design, the bed makes a gorgeous statement, and its centralisation helps emphasise this. Our King Size Bogart Art Deco Headboard is the perfect option to create this same look. Its bold central panel and bold, strong lines brings a sense of masculinity to your bedroom, not to mention the gorgeous blue colour! To accessorise this gorgeous bed, opt for our Jasper Velvet cushion. Its oblong shape and velvet material will allow it to create an eye-catching final touch in your bedroom. 

Following on from the bed, the next statement features are the lighting. There are so many effective lighting designs in this bedroom, from wall lights to ceiling lights, even to floor lamps. Leila Home offers lighting that fall under all of these categories, and even better that allow you to create this look. 

Firstly, the main lighting being the chandelier light hanging effortlessly from the ceiling. Our Silver and Glass Drop Ceiling Light is a similar choice to the one in the design that will create the same affect. Dangling from an iron chain, the stunning glass arrangement makes a fabulous centrepiece, reflecting sparkling light around the room. Secondly, our Avondale Wall Lamp. So sophisticated and structural in shape, two of these wall lamps either side of your headboard will create the most gorgeous space. Finally, a floor lamp. Floor lights are great for creating a mirage of heightened space that makes a room feel more open yet cosy at the same time. With a perfect mix of contemporary and retro, our Cordero Floor Lamp is the final piece of lighting that I would highly recommend to create this look!

Moving on to the decor and accessories side to the interior space. Evidently the design above features a small structural table in the front corner of the room displaying a gorgeous set of flowers. To create this same look, our Omni Side Table is the perfect choice, with our Calla Lily in Glass Vase displayed beautifully on top. 

Now more specifically, the bedside tables. The bedside tables in the design above aren’t particularly clear, but what I can see is they appear to be of a geometric, angular structure, thus making our Gallane Side Table the most appropriate choice. I love how the two bedside tables offer symmetry but asymmetry at the same time by being styled differently. On the left side table is a gorgeous antique clock. For this aesthetic, opt for our Two Metal Mantel Clock. Perfect for a final touch in any space. On the other side seems to be a couple of books and a gorgeous, neutral sculpture. Leila Home’s Resin Clam Shell is a classic, sculptural ornament and is an easy and simple way to add delicate detail to any room. 

That brings us to the end of another Create the Look with Leila! Once again I hope you enjoyed the first blog of the month. See you next time!

Love Leila x