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Leila Loves…

Hello everyone, welcome back to another blog. This week I have selected my favourite Leila Home products for the month of August. Some of which have featured in my Create the Look blogs, so if you fancy any of these products but feel unsure as to how to style them, check out my previous blogs and you’ll find some relevant design tips and tricks!

1. Ardara Console

My first top pick of the month is our Ardara Console, which featured in one of our first Create the Look blogs. This design suited a dark bedroom design and complemented many other gold accented products. I love its unique, abstract structure and its glorious gold leaf and gloss finish. 

Ardara Console

2. 24 Carat Gold Plated Wall Light

Another statement item also gold in colour, that had to go on my August Top Picks list, is our 24 Carat Gold Plated Wall Light. This lighting design is truly elegant and luxurious. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I just think it’s gorgeous and will transform any interior space it finds itself in. 

24 Carat Gold Plated Wall Light

3. Rattan Hanging Chair

Leila Home offers many seating designs to suit many interior design tastes and styles, but our Rattan Hanging Chair is an ultimate favourite. I love its versatility and contemporary style. Inside or outside, you’ll be forever relaxing in this round, swinging chair!

Rattan Hanging Chair

4. Cesario Mirror

Almost every room needs a mirror when it comes to interior design. They make great decorative features whilst reflecting light, making the room feel bigger. I am loving our Cesario Mirror at the moment. From its Mid-Century Modern aesthetic to its circular shape, this mirror will suit any existing interior design scheme. 

Cesario Mirror

5. Navour Mirror

Our Navour Mirror is another mirror that had to go on my Top Picks list. This design will make a dazzling focal point in your living space. I love how it can be placed horizontally and verticallt, and better yet, it matches our Cesario Mirror like a dream!

Navour mirror

6. Cheetah Sculpture

Artwork is key when it comes to interior design. It is a great way of adding depth and personality into a space. Our Cheetah Sculpture is a great option for injecting some personality into a room that might be lacking a little in character. It had to feature on my Top Picks list!


7. Kinley Dining Chair

Next on my list is our Kinley Dining Chair. If you are looking to spruce up your dining room space, then opt for this design! Nude and velvet upholstered, this seating option will transform your dining space immediately. 

Kinley Dining Chair

8. Lilly Chair

Our Lilly Chair is another dining chair that I believe is perfect for enhancing the style of a dining room space. I am obsessed with the ruched fabric as well as the gold metal leg frame. 

Faux Shagreen Console Table

9. Dark Hide Cushion 

Leila Home offers a wide range of cushions, including bright and patterned styles that might suit more extrovert interior styles. I love our Dark Hide Cushion because it is a versatile and classic design. You simply can’t go wrong with a black cushion!

Dark Hide Cushion

10. Fringed Cotton Throw

Throws are just as much decorative features as cushions are. Our Fringed Cotton Throw featured in my latest Create the Look blog. Perfect for adding warmth and depth into a space, and creating a cosy atmosphere. 

Fringed Cotton Throw

That brings us to the end of another ‘Leila’s Top Picks’ blog! There is a lot of variety in this selected product list, and so I hope there is at least one product to suit everyone’s differing tastes. See you soon when I’ll be back with another Create the Look blog!

Love Leila x